Mai-Loan Tu

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France 1988

We can say that this artist was born with a pencil in hand, began his art studies in the ateliers de Sèvres in Paris, after living three years in Belgium where he studied illustration at the School of Graphic Research in Brussels, he moved to Barcelona to follow r developing their studies in school Eina.

He likes to play with reality, flip it and add something disturbing, creating tension. His works are full of humor and cynicism.

His inspirations are not set in a style but in content, a way of narrating

His work has been selected in the \ "XIème Triennale Internationale de l'affiche politique de Mons 2010 \ "in Belgium.

He has also done several illustrations for the magazine of contemporary poetry in Paris A-Verse.

Part of \ "collective preserved \" with 25 illustrators, where they develop several projects of artistic issues.

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