Irene De La Selva

Bilbao, 1985.

Irene De La Selva is a Berlin-based independent photographer and visual artist from Madrid, Spain.

Her work moves from the natural division between man and nature
to the hysterical night-life chronicles we live in nowadays. 

Graduated in History of Art for the UNED and fashion and commercial photography for the Instituto Europeo de Diseño, de la Selva tried to mix the artistic and conceptual knowledge about aesthetics and the importance of the image with a desirable and plastic atmosphere of textures, colors, miniskirts and tacky wallpaper. 


Among her last exhibitions are found "The Galaxy Project Exhibition" at La Petita Galería Barcelona, ECKE Gallery Berlin and Unhinged Art Festival in SO36, Berlin.
Since 2012 she also takes part as visual artist and musician of the underground Paris-based art collective Tropique Noir.


Irene de la Selva has been also selected as one of the one hundred new talent photographers in the 2011- 2012 top list for Artist Wanted Awards.


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