Laura Castelló

She studied in Fine Arts, specializing in drawing and illustration postgraduate studies, she completed his training in Italy and started working as a graphic and illustrator for Zara and Pull & Bear immediately. She learned to work for a company is not in the least like to work for yourself and that creative freedom is precious to those who are engaged in this profession.
She has worked on different projects for various brands such as ceramic collection Limoceramics illustrated, the book of short stories "Opticks Magazine" in magazine "Low", "Infamous Fanzine", "Arrós Negre" or "Mr. Apparent" among others. It is one of the editors of "the chilly fanzine" publication dedicated to comics and illustration which is published quarterly and occasionally teaches cold porcelain, using the illustration on this support.
He has exhibited in Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and Malaga and is currently preparing a publication called "brackets" in the collection of Ultrarradio Editions Fotocop dealing adolescence and humorous looks at the shame and insecurities of this era so confused by different decades.

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