Ignasi Monreal

1990, Barcelona

In 2002 he enters the Escola Joso of comics and illustration where he assisted for four years. In 2006 he moves to Madrid, and after attending art school, he starts with Advertising and RRPP at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid. At the same time, he assisted to the course One Year of Total Design of the European Institute of design.

In 2012 he graduates from the Creative Fashion Direction career, and after a short experience as an Art Director at Glossybox España he ends up working with Daviddelfín as a graphic and illustrator designer. In 2013 he carries out two exhibitions: the first one at the Adolfo Domingo foundation and the second one at Sao Pablo, in the gallery Concept Store Cartel 011. Among his collaborations we can mention CANDY Magazine, Ey! Magazine, Vogue, V Magazine, Harper's Bazaar and Joyce Boutiques (Hong Kong).


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