Daniela Spoto

"Basically I like to tell stories. Sometimes my stories, sometimes other people's stories The inspiration comes from a mix of different elements: films, music, nightmares, somebody that I saw walking in the street, books,comics, memories. I'm fascinated by the children point of view: children see the world in ways adults have forgotten."

Interested of the history of art, specially the works of Hieronymus Bosch, the geometric perspectives of Giotto or the Medieval wall tapestries.

After taking her degree in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts, she moved to Berlin where she works and live since five years. In this time she took part to several exhibitions in Italy and in Berlin, and collaborated with independent international publications.

She illustreted the cover of the books like "La madre del mondo" by Carolina Crespi, "Vieni a sapere" by Stefano Mattia Pribetti, or the cover of the album "The Race" of Stereofysh. Her work has been exposed in the Museum Europaischer Kulturen de Berlin and in the Space Shuffle (Berlin) and other galleries, and she was selected in competitions and was and  festivals of comic like "Vetomat" and Comic Invasion” of Berlin, "Treviso Comic Book Festival", “GPAHO210614” and "Cheap Festival" in Alghero and Bolonia (Italia). 


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