Júlio Dolbeth

1974, Portugal

"I like to draw random faces, friends faces, some made-up faces, sometimes a lumberjack, sometimes a snow white, lots of times until she comes perfect. Once and a while invented plants, most of the times a log, sometimes a skull trying to be proportional. Most of the drawings are in my head, many of them in my sketchbook, some of them are hanging on a wall, a few of them are published and part them are a collectable in some friend ́s home. "

Júlio Dolbeth, artist and illustrator living in Porto, Portugal.
Teach Design and Illustration at Fine Arts Faculty of Porto University.
Phd in Illustration at Fine Arts Faculty of Porto University.
Master in Multimedia Art by Fine Arts Faculty and Engeniering Faculty at Porto University.
Co.founder and curator at Dama Aflita gallery, Porto.
Paricipates regularly in collective exhibitions and individual shows.

Your work has been featured in selected publications: P3, Parq magazine, Blue Design Magazine, Next Future (GULBENKIAN), Computer Arts UK, Slanted Magazine, among others.


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Júlio Dolbeth

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