Vorja Sánchez

1987, Barcelona

Freelance illustrator.

"I try to distort everyday situations that I see on the street or in the forest. I am especially attracted to the connections that are established between inert objects with animals that surround or inhabit them, people, etc. I intend to harmonize the chaos or organize the disorder. Unmask big monsters and show their fragility. Talk about fear, paralysis, dejection. Include small stories within other perhaps less important stories. Create a stressful situation and try to reverse your position to transform it into a set that denotes serenity and placidness.

I paint monsters and animals non existent because the real ones like me too much and I would never know how to portray them as they deserve. I use whatever material I have at my disposal, because I do not master any too well, but that allows me to learn all the techniques equally.

Or maybe none of this is so and I simply choose to illustrate what works best for me."


Instagram: @vorjailustracion

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