Maria del Mar Bonilla

Maria del Mar Bonilla 1975, Barcelona 

She initiated her training with the Upper Technician of plastic arts and design in illustration concentrating her interest in the illustration of author applied to the publishing world. Since she has continued forming realising specific courses with ilustradores like Ignasi Blanch, Roger Elms or Daniel Torrent with which has finished to define the technical remaining with the watercolour and she pencil.

Her interest by the books of artist carried it to expose in the festival “Use to Book”, in the bookshop Loring Art of Barcelona and realised her book “Biofilia” inside the Workshop of Edition Artesanal of Books Illustrated with Julia Pelletier, exposing of collective form in The Head office of the Raval. Also she has realised several individual and collective exhibitions in places as La Haya, Sicily or Barcelona.

Lover of the biodiversity, adopts the term “Biofilia” like central axis of his work. Where reflects the nature like protagonist of her work and merges the inspiration in the Japanese culture, the delicacy and the femininity to create many times a more oneiric world.

She understands the illustration like a media, education, integration and union between the people. Thus so much it realises workshops as it creates series of illustrations or patterns for the application on paper or in textile stamping.

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