Marta Chojnacka

Marta Chojnacka is a visual artist and the designer in charge of the jewellery company Materia Rica.
She graduated with a degree in Fine Arts from the University of Warmia and Mazury (Olsztyn, Poland).
She’s participated in over ten group exhibitions and a few individual shows in the United Kingdom, Spain and Poland.
She’s lived in London, Gdansk and, currently, in Barcelona. Her  work mostly consists of gouache on paper, and stands out for its use of bright and contrasting colours as well as its particular focus on reality, centred more on essence than shape.

The work of Marta Chojnacka explores those moments of intimacy and dreaming that common people live in their day to day lives. They’re people often invisible to others, captured in unimportant situations that, at the same time, are so interesting.
In her snapshots, the artist shows these mute feelings (in this case, visually mute) that go hand in hand with the human condition in the age of “anonymous reproductibility”.
It’s a system of wild desires and hidden fears articulated with irresistible simplicity. It’s almost emptiness, as she builds spaces, situations and conversations with very little, using audacious brushstrokes and energetic colours.
Each one of her works has been consciously meditated and executed and, often, completing it has supposed a long journey. The artist takes advantage of the creative moment and accepts the small accidents that may occur, often including them in the work.
Her life is a continuous process of investigation -also in terms of technique and artistic focus- that allows her to develop a genuine style and produce new works of art.

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