Obdili Potato

Maria Reyes studied painting at the School Massana and later Fine arts at Barcelona's University. Finally it specialised at drawing among his faculty of origin and the of Oporto (Portugal).

At an onset, his imaginary powered observing with infinite fascination the biodiversity that inhabits the earth and reading scientific texts that tried to explain the sense and origin of the life. It has played, experimented and created new realities surroundings thereof through the painting, the photograph and the drawing.

At present but, as a result of a series of collaborative projects, has displaced his centre of interest. It has created one alter ego by means of which talk of how she voice and inhabits the world, of the small and daily things that fascinate him: the amour, the sense of the humour, the beauty, the relations and affective ties among the persons, the imaginary community, the popular culture, the obsessions... It Obdili, a hybrid among bird and potato, is the protagonist of this universe. A tender and mellow personage of yellow colour with optimistic appearance and one for the somiatruites

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