By - Nena

Illustrator and Designer from Paris, I have been living in Barcelona for 5 years.

I studied visual communication in Paris and I started my career as Graphic Designer for fashion brand Comptoir des Cotonniers during more than 7 years.

Illustration has always been part of my life. As a child I always had a notebook with me to draw. When I got older I started scribbling in books I was reading to save space in my handbag.

In Canada I attended classes from Illustrator Lino at Quebec “La Fabrique” University during a semester. In Paris I blacken sheets of papers with charcoal at “Les Beaux Arts de Paris” live models sketching workshops. More recently I learnt and fell in love with silkscreen printing techniques. I also participated to a one-month illustration workshop at BAU school with Lara Costafreda et Marc Pallares.

And in 2017 I got started ! I’m now working as freelance illustrator and I draw my collections of cards and posters.

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