Elena de Santi

Ciao! Elena, aka @Elenagno is an Italian designer and illustrator.

She obtained a degree as a Graphic Designer in 2010 in Italy and a Master’s degree as Art Director at the Elisava school in Barcelona,

while she has been developing her love mostly for illustration. She likes to draw to express herself, her thoughts showing her characters BOLD and STRONG.

She likes to create an informal and alternative representation of reality thanks to the undulating effect of the spontaneity of the stroke.

Working across editorials, posters, social media, fashion, cd covers, street art, and always trying to mix good typography and fresh layout.

She definitely loves colors and their power in order to transmit ideas and emotions. Colors are very important to create a piece starting the process right from them.

Art has always played an important role for her. She likes to see how people reflect on her art and connect with the piece to the point of buying it.

She has lived in different countries collaborating with new clients while she explored and fell in love with different cultures and traditions.

She is always willing to challenge herself with new and exciting projects, and now she is eager to learn animation.

Currently based in Barcelona.

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Elena de Santi