Lola Marin

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Born in Murcia in 1981. He currently lives and works in Madrid.

Bachelor of Fine Arts. He completed his training with various theoretical and practical courses.
Currently working on her doctoral thesis on the areas of national and international art and art education.
He has enjoyed several scholarships, work in this in the research project "Gender and Education Museology \" belonging to the research group CEGI in UCM.

I always felt attracted to forgotten objects, discarded by so one day decided to give them a second chance ...
Inserted the "recovery - Transform secur cute; n "pieces of wood, paintings and drawings, mainly.

He is interested in the little things ... everyday, memory, retention, encounters, missed connections, the word. What goes unnoticed, the simple, the forgotten and found. The area of privacy, absence, accidents and coincidences. The absurdity, irony, the po & e acute; tico ...

He has participated in several exhibitions and events has been selected as Women and Art Madrid, Prize for Sculpture at the Chamber of Commerce of the Region of Murcia, Novos Valores in Murcia Pontevedra and Young.

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Lola Marin

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