Esther Miquel Conteleta

I was born in Barcelona and still live and work here.

I don't have a formal "artistic" education so in my work there's plenty of improvisation and experimentation. I use some simple elements: color pencils, clay and Aironfix. I think that with a mixture of this techniques my work gains it´s own personality.   

The abstraction in my paintings is not an attempt to reflect any specific idea or make any social criticism. In fact, I think there´s plenty of banality in it. There's always someone trying to find some reason, explanation or a recognized shape in my work, but there isn't. 

— "Did you meant this, right?" 

No, most of the time I don´t want to mean anything, you could say that my concept is "the absence of any concept". I only work with balanced shapes that are seeking their aesthetic in space. 

My work has been displayed in some free magazines and fanzines from Spain, Italy, France, U.K and Hungary. I have also collaborated in several collective exhibitions in galleries of Germany, Italy and Spain. 


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Esther Miquel

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