Nicolás Torres

Nicolas Torres was born in San Francisco and raised throughout the Bay Area. He received his BA in Philosophy from UC Berkeley in 2008.
For the past couple years he has focused on San Francisco and the changes of its inhabitants, environment, and ideals. Through installation and public art he produces social commentary on urban blight and on those who suffer and benefit through its renewal. In addition Nicolas builds multiples of rare or contradictory objects where he involves various forms of printmaking. In both cases his work focuses on reflexivity, either in a social or logical realm.


2010 Neighborhood Watch, Adobe Books- San Francisco, Ca

2010 Survival Annex, The Curiosity Shoppe- San Francisco, Ca
        Receivers Orange Alley Project, Orange Alley-San Francisco, Ca
        Mirror Prints, Mission Pie- San Francisco, Ca

2009 Bookish, Adobe Books- San Francisco, Ca
        This Must Be The Place, Michael Rosenthal Gallery- San Francisco, Ca

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