Gastón Liberto

Translated by Google translate

(1976 Argentina)

"I started ten years ago in Argentina working in painting and sculpture, exhibited in galleries and formed along with some colleagues from the School of Fine Arts, a small group of circus.
My work would define it as subtle, likewise, short and clear \ "
He has participated in several EXPOSURE collective ion in Barcelona, his work was selected by RED magazine to participate with other artists in a show in New York. A curated and participated in exhibitions in Hamburg and Tanhauser, Germany.
His illustrations have been published in several design magazines and trends, in addition to the image of the catalogs for Wonders shoes and participate in the limited number of shirts Lamon magazine for Sonar 2008.
Currently working on several personal project developed from his workshop \ "Knitwear \", a studio shared with two friends, where the concept is to create a laboratory where manual labor is valued and poetry in creation.

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