Alvaro Ortiz Albero

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(1983, Zaragoza)
He studied graphic design at the School of Design of Aragon, and Illustration at the Massana School of Barcelona.
He has collaborated with the magazine twice quickly "(Ariadna editorial) in the collective album" Red Cap "and" Cast a shipyard "(Sins ense), published its first r comic solo "Julia and summer killed" by Edicions de Ponent, and the second, "Julia and the voice of the whale" the
last year which was nominated for best author Josep Toutain the revelation of past Hall of comics from Barcelona.

Obtained, among other awards in the event of c & Overhaul you; mic Injuve (2002 and 2003) in the sample of Young Art of Aragon (2005 and 2006) and the comic contest the social work of the Caja del Mediterráneo (2008 and 2009).
He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions among which the exhibition "The cartoon of Spanish democracy, 19752005," shows collective is organized by the Cervantes Institute, which has been seen in cities such as Brussels, New York or Sao Paulo.

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