Nacho Martí­n Silva

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The work of Nacho Martín Silva is the result of contemporary eclectic and anachronistic dogmas of art history and a firm belief in the absence of absolute values.
In the context of the reinterpretation of some of the "isms" that revolutionized historical or questioned the painting and its relationship ng to the sphere of reality and its representation, and, in a fragmentary view of a society result of contradictions where globalization is opposed to the mediated information and
waste "some" are made (made) of others, arise series that make up the work of this Madrid.
Thus, in a year deconstruction is evident both the relativism of values associated with painting movements, their membership required immediate reality ("Impressionism 200 Years After") or its right to object to the current
generating prevailing frames / object that even drinking from neodadaist rejects the significance of the objects incorrect rporados to enhancing their neutral pictorial material qualities and constructive opposition to the rendered image
charged expressive connotations. Works resulting in the maxim "I dont make art, i do art" respond with the title of "Homemade."

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