Adriana Eskenazi

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He studied photography at the Institute of Photographic Studies of Catalonia, having worked on the study of Natalia Square for four months.
He has done several jobs as a freelance for design studios and theater collaborations combining it with photography as an assistant.
Currently working with the ura encursiva, doing video and photo projects.
"I always wanted to see and do things that are not available to me, to see places that do not exist, people who do not know ... With my photography I try to get it, for others and for myself. Seeking common places and try to portray them that way to see them again in the picture I seem cities, streets or spaces previously unknown to me.
The collage is another thing that I have a passion, mixing styles, shapes and materials within the same work I find it quite interesting because I can touch everything and give shape and meaning to something that previously did not. "

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