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Javier Gutierrez, known as Safe, is a self-signed artist in the world of graffiti in Barcelona. In 2002 he founded the design studio Inocuo The Sign, where experience with the languages ​​and styles of contemporary urban culture, work breaking molds and traditional image formats to achieve designs that combine l team as best weapons Safe: the expressivity of illustration, the freshness of the stroke, the wealth of the drawing and the impact of calligraphy.

In the beginning many projects undertaken to be released: illustrations for fashion magazines, brand images, audiovisual and album covers. But what began as almost a dream of teenage taggers now has first-order firms. Harmless The Sign Studio has done textile designs for Nike, Hurley, Levi's and Divinas Palabras. They were the creators of the images of some campaigns of cars like Volkswagen, Skoda, Seat and Nissan and festivals Urban Funke and Urban Culture. Also have carried out projects for Budweiser, Pepsi and Estrella Damm and have worked in almost all the Spanish labels on several television and in companies such as Epson, Lego or Adidas.

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