May '17
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Antropoloops presents their last EP about traditional south american music: "Lik, the Snake full of Fish"

Antropoloops is a musical remix project developed by Rubén Alonso (concept, music and design) and Esperanza Moreno (software and data visualization), which seeks to open the process of remixing in all its possibilities.

Working with traditional musics from around the world, the project develops a creative and amateur approach to ethnomusicology from the remix culture, a celebration of the common in the different.  

All compositions are based on a fragment of a song, to which other fragments are added following a set of minimal rules:


  1. The tone is not changed, all loops are in their original tones  
  2. Only small time adjustments are made so that the original character of the song does not vary in excess.  
  3. Working with 8 tracks, there are a maximum of 8 loops playing together



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