Helena Perez Garcia

Helena Perez Garcia, Sevilla

She is an illustrator and designer born in Seville, where she studied a Fine Arts degree. After relocating to Valencia, she finished her degree in 2010, and studied a Masters Degree in Design and Illustration. She relocated to London in 2012, where she’s currently based.

She has published two illustrated books in France (Louna au Musée and Bonne Nuit Louna). Among her clients are Publishing Houses like Penguin Random House, Anaya and Santillana. I also regularly collaborate with magazines and other publications like Buzzfeed.

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Helena Perez Garcia

Jun 2017
Jul 2017

OPENING: Wednesday 7th, July at 20:00h.

The project “Al otro lado” presents a creative response to the authoress’s need of understanding her own sensations and emotions, but also the essential aspects of life.

In the world in which we live, "Al otro lado " is based on the idea of the existence of a complementary personal dimension that we go visiting. This space constitutes a refuge that, often, it demonstrates itself as a simple distraction, sufficient to raise our feet of the land and escape. We can also come consciously to this dimension, in our search towards the comprehension of the reality that surrounds us.

Our relation with this other side is a trip in which we embark since we are born and that it will take the whole life to us; nonetheless, it is possible that we never get to understand the meaning of what waits for us. It is, therefore, a process of growth and knowledge of one itself, along which there will be revealed facets and essential aspects of our personality that we didn’t know and that, generally, they remain secretly in the world that we all share.

All these considerations remain expressed through scenes impregnated with surrealistic dyes that portray women caught in themselves, frozen in specific instants of personal evasion.

The vibrant palette of color, the deliberated use of an unreal perspective –inspired on the Pre-Renaissance paintings– and the expression of absence the protagonists, they emphasize the oneiric character of the project.

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