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Mar 2019

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Atlas is different, unique. It is the project of a musician with a visual impairment who travels through different countries recording sounds made by those beings who inhabit them. Religious liturgies, ancient rituals, craftwork, folklore or cookery.  

Antonio Chávez is a professional musician. He wet to music school up to middle grade and specialized for eight years in Harmony and Jazz Composition with Professor José Emilio Ruiz Used. Once this educational training was over, he graduated in Production and Mixing and, in 2013, he started his life's project: travel the world recording the sounds of everyday life and traditions from the places he visits along this life-long trip, with the purpose of creating an Audio Atlas of our Planet. 

In this event, Antonio will explain how this project came up, what it is like to travel on his own without virtually any vision at all. He will also tell us about both his CD-books "Istambul" and "Georgia and Armenia" and, above all, he will exhibit some of the most original and moving sounds he has encountered in this journey of over five years, going across corners of Turquey, Georgia, Armenia, Slovenia, South Korea, The Canary Islands...

If you are keen on travelling and exploring new experiences, this event will surely be a most extraordinary way to make you feel what a people is like through its sounds.

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