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After being on tour in more than ten Spanish cities, LAS HERMANAS DEL DESORDEN (The Sisters of Disorder) return to the stages of Barcelona to present the show that accompanies their first material, the book and album LA MUSA SUICIDA (The Suicide Muse).

The sisters are Belén Berlín, Ale Oseguera, Mad Pirvan and Laura Tomás. Since the origins of the band in 2013, they have been exploring the stage and audio possibilities of poetry, through the concept of electric poetry.

Their shows feature live music performed by themselves on ukulele, percussion and electric bass among other instruments. They merge the traditional literary reading with cabaret,rock concerts and theater.

The poetry book narrates the conversion of the Muse (this almost ghostly and traditionally female character who inspires artists) in an Author. It is published by El Petit Editor.

The record that accompanies the book consists of eight original tracks. It was recorded in Sol de Sants studio and Iristudis in Barcelona and features the production of Alberto Pérez, who has worked with artists such as Morcheeba, Holy Bouncer, El Niño de Elche and KRS One.



Foto: Jose Gallardo


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