Vuelve Zinc + Laura Lamontagne

Sep 2019

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Laura Lamontagne

A rainbow truffled with hip hop colors, ambient abstraction, medieval folklore, Indian sensibility and all musical calligraphy that invokes open paths towards the excitement of the unheard of. Experimentation found in the hip hop universe of the producer PicoAmperio and the transoceanic voice of Laura LaMontagne the land to build bridges to musical latitudes that make up a maze of sensations under the slogan “Choose your own adventure”. 

Vuelve Zinc

From the guts of Vuelve Zinc, the patterns that articulate archetypes and greyscale sounds start to crack. There are no rails to grab inside this toboggan heading to the exiled howl. Shreds of mercurial rock, where the slowcore panorama suffers electrical rises, toasted in sepia. Voices that claim the last flash of wasted luck and sacred remembrance. Free fall vertigo, without safety net. This is the way it burns the balance of the daily routine.


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