Alba Macfarlane

Alba Macfarlane was born in Barcelona and lives between her hometown and the Midi-Pyrénées region in the South of France. She began studying art at a very young age and started her professional career as a set and costume designer for dance and theatre after her degree at the Barcelona Theatre Institute. She also studied pattern design at Escola Massana, has a basic knowledge about manufacturing textiles with natural fibers and is currently running her own textile brand (Mironesia) where she creates illustrated cotton objects. Through painting she explores quietness, relief and simplicity, and mostly uses mixed media on a cotton fabric surface. 

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Alba Macfarlane a La Finestra

Alba Macfarlane

Dec 2021
Jan 2022
Intervenciones efímeras en MISCELANEA.

A falta de pared, ¡ventana! Sacamos a la calle el talento de nuestros artistas a través de un mural mensual en el escaparate. 

Llega el invierno, nos recogemos, nos arropamos y miramos a través de la obra de Alba Macfarlane: una ventana que se abre lentamente para dejar que dos mundos se comuniquen.
La obra se titula "Predisposición de un ser sensible" y recoge el diálogo sobre la vida entre una paloma y una mujer.

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