Carmen Seijas

1987, Galicia

Galician painter and illustrator based in Barcelona. Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona and a master in Artistic Production and Research.

Although born in a small town, it has always had an active cultural movement, which has been connected with urban art, skateboarding and music since childhood.

His references are a mixture of Jeremy Fish, Andy Howell, Ed Templeton, Steve Powers, Miranda July and many others.

His work starts from a completely intimate point from which analyzes in a somewhat surreal perception of life, reality and social relations. He usually works on paper and wood, although its exhibitions likes to play with facilities that can create an atmosphere that helps the viewer to connect with the work.

His works have been exhibited in different collective projects like "give you" in the CIEC Foundation in Bezantos, and "OFFMàtica" during SONAR and OFFF 2011 in Barcelona CCCB in Barcelona MUTUAL gallery with the "Tatto the Girl ", or hand the collective Reskate and Lamono Magazine in various international galleries. He currently works as a freelance illustrator and designer brand-independent Suichi skate for fun, is also the co-creator and editor of the fanzine Human Beings with Clara Nuñez.


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Carmen Seijas a La finestra

Carmen Seijas

Feb 2022
Mar 2022
Intervenciones efímeras en MISCELANEA.

A falta de pared, ¡ventana! Sacamos a la calle el talento de nuestros artistas a través de un mural mensual en el escaparate. 

Este mes presentamos los últimos trabajos de Carmen Seijas con la intervención "Mistery" Una obra que habla del empoderamiento que supone ahondar en las partes más oscuras de nuestra psique. Confiando en el misterio y afrontando el miedo. 
 Invitamos a la ilustradora gallega para que su obra, siempre poderosa y mágica a la vez, nos acompañe durante el próximo día de la mujer.

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