Javier Rubí­n Grassa

Born in Madrid in 1986, became eager to discover, to reflect and to understand the human being. With a great interest in art from an early age and, prepared his income to pursue Fine Arts at the University Complutense of Madrid (UCM). After graduating with the "Special Award" in 2011, decided to follow his career from Barcelona, where he completed the Master PRODART research and artistic creation, of the University of Barcelona (UB).
Through photography and illustration found the tools to show their world, their reality as they understood it, always looking for the hidden side of feelings and making them visible in his works. With a realistic style aims to bring the subconscious, plunging the reality in the world of emotions and dreams, exposing the authentic look of a lost generation defined by instability and immediacy.

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Javier Rubín a La finestra

Javier Rubí­n Grassa

Jul 2022
Jul 2022
Intervenciones efímeras en MISCELANEA.

A falta de pared, ¡ventana! Sacamos a la calle el talento de nuestros artistas a través de un mural mensual en el escaparate. 

En Julio estrenamos escaparate con Javier Rubín y su obra "New weapons" 

"Hablemos de las nuevas armas de Eros y de cómo te enamoraste por un simple like". 

Nueve años después de su exposición en Miscelanea, volvemos a tener sus ilustraciones en nuestras paredes, esta vez a La finestra.

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