Presentación + recital poemas desechables

May 2007

Presentation of the Collection "Poems Disposable " de Ediciones

Poetry and design go hand in hand to launch this ambitious project that pushes the boundaries of traditional building to overcome such limited concepts of aesthetics as the authorship.
Hence ; That bet by a Creative Commons license.
The concept of the collection goes beyond the simple publication and distribution of the work of poets more or less known.

The receiver can, if desired, the poems in the book start to turn them into planes that texts become nomadic, or simplemen you cut them and make them autonomous and capable of being given away, displayed or forgotten in the subway.
This simple and original poems puedendevenir passive reader and poet in action in the creative work undertaken pornel poet, whose work does not mean the end of the work but only pasonmás the process.
This simple and original poems liabilities reader can become a poet in action, and collaborate in the creative act initiated by the poet, whose work does not mean the end of the work but only one step of the process.

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