video documental , independiente y experimental - documentalidades

Oct 2007
Translated by Google translate

Sample / projection of the documentary workshop students

È ntilde; ado euros
(Eva Valero, Pere Llimona, Marc Harris)
Another case where an entire historic district serves the interests of property speculation and remodeling in terms of a few .-

Alba in the city of lies
(Katu, Inuit, Sara, Silvia)
Through glimpses a girl, barcelona design and consumption, and basically the height of stupidity.

Three lives and a dream
Barcelona as a meeting point for people looking for their present, rather than their "future " ...
(Raul Bonilla Gimenez)


A door opened and closed randomly, a poem by Octavio Paz, and sound experiments.
(Olga Mollet, Jordi Cabini, Nata Matos)

Blue Monday
free version galiza
A lewd and gay clip free version of a classic pop.
(Elena Rivas)

Blood for oil
Video c lip of the other Party, a group that has much to say and little to stop.
(Iosu del Moral, Salah Malouli)

Just another day
Clip free version and a good song once and Brian Eno, based on images from Barcelona.
(Pedro Ceñal Murga)

A personal story, ct click and powerful music by Najwa -.
(Marisa Brescó Torné)

Maternal Instinct
A not-so-playful collage, full of allegories and allusions .-
(David archer)

5 senses
The 5 senses through a very personal collage sustained as "friendly " and "des nice "videístiko an attempt to enhance the senses.
(Raquel Gomes de Oliveira)

sleep bipolar
The dream of Don ramoncito bipolar very interesting picture and a good show.

Sphera kompas
(Jordi DayanaRoz, Mr salt)
A wait-a vi deo expectantly, with a personal rhythm, everyday.

A factory environment, aesthetics for aesthetics itself, abandoned factory and its landscapes.
(Ezekiel Murphy Lozon)

360 degrees
(Raul Diez)
The exaltation of the cyclical world of objects damages and the world itself.

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