Festival complicitats (ii) - videofronteras - cancelado-

Feb 2008
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È ductive. The pregnant body, the sexed body, the social body, the body identifier, the body politic, the body singular intangible coexist with other bodies, translucent or pixelated to generate new discourses that enrich their own dance, drama or action. How does cross borders and experienced? And what , So these movements lead us to new limits that we can also think of why not, as passable.

Claudia Muller-Valeria Valenzuela (Brazil);
Cristian Alarcon (Peru);
Elena Alonso - Chus Domínguez (Spain);
Erika Meza - Javier López (Paraguay / Cuba);
Hugo Ochoa (Honduras);
Ike r Gómez (Spain);
Karenina de los Santos & Leticia Tabuco & Marcello Stroppa & Tatiana Gentile (Brazil);
Laura kalauz (Argentina);
Language Blanca (Spain);
Marian Venceslas - Elena Menendez (Spain);
Rodrigo Pardo (Argentina);
Taniel Morales (Mexico)

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DIP-Cristian Alarcon. Peru. 2007. 2 min

SPACE-Iker Gomez. Spain. 2004. 3 min

GO SURVEILLANCE-Marian Vencesláy Elena Menéndez. Spain. 2007. 3 min.

MARKET-MAKING Erika Meza and Javier López. Paraguay and Cuba. 2007. 4 min.

BANANAS AND THE MOON-Hugo Ochoa. Honduras. 2006. 5 min

POP Ular: "DANCE AND SABOTAGE " - Taniel Morales. Mexico. 2005. 6 min.

3.1-Laura TURIST kalauz. Argentina. 2005. 22 min

MAKING-Rodrigo Pardo. Argentina. 2006. 7 min

Portrait No. 2-Chus Alonso and Elena Dominguez. Spain. 2005. 4 min

Cuttlefish-Alaitz LADY Arenzana and Maria Ibarretxe. Spain. 2007. 16 min

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