Gnu/linux install party

Apr 2008
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Coinciding with the release of version 8.04 of Ubuntu, having the first installation party GNU / Linux and random!

WHAT IS IT?: An install party is a gathering of guys dressed in T-shirts with slogans geeks, using strange words like "shell ", "root ", "FTP ", "server ", ready to help to all who need them for in stalen a free operating system on your PC 'so portable. They are people who believe in the community by the free dissemination of knowledge and are willing to help!
È ace time reliability and capacity needed to match and even exceed the performance of the major proprietary operating systems or closed-source (Windows and all the zoo's OS / x).

HOW?: Stakeholders can occur in Miscelânea with tower or laptop. If you want to install Ubuntu (or another Linux distribution) is not necessary desinst Wing your current operating system, simply can coexist if you want, and try!

It offers:
Support and human-to install Ubuntu.
-Copies of the programs (they're free, there is nothing to hack)

It requires:
-Willingness to learn and share.
"Some patients cia.
Dress code-geek. We recommend t-shirts with curious, but robes are welcome.
Roll-jump with words like "bash ", "Kernell ", Tcp / ip "...
"Good humor.

Pre-Defrag your hard drive: it will avoid waiting unnecessarily at the facility
-Make a copy up your data. Although Linux is secure, you never know what can happen.
- Get blank CDs if you want to bring some home installation disk.

At the end of the facility will attempt to pass any movie related theme.

Linux is the Denominació & oacu I n a Unix-like operating system (also known as GNU / Linux) and the name of a nucleus. It is one of the most prominent examples of free software and open source development, whose source code is publicly available for anyone to freely use, study, redistribute, sell it and, with the c adequate IT KILLS, modified [1].

The variants of Linux systems called "distribution " (distro) and aims to offer an edition that meets the needs of particular groups of users, so there be distributions for households, businesses and servers. Some are free and some for sale, some software inserted not free and some contain only free software.
(source: Wikipedia)

1. "Let your computer is running a system with open source and free software lets you take control, tools for improvement, repair, adapt it. Do not depend on firms that change their policies, programs and techniques. Save ba Constant money on licensing. Your computer will go faster. Stop being a slave to the software? Besides, how many users send questions to Microsoft and never get answers? "Jon " Maddog "Hall

2.Entrevista (video) Richard Stallman, the Free Software Foundation.

3. Http://es.wikipedia.org/wi ki / Linux

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