Apr '08
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: helhesten + chora + narwhal + visuales mike swaney


Helhesten (Uk) - improvised music / art rock
www.myspace.com / wearehelhesten

Chora (UK) - Electronic noisy / ambient changing
www.myspace.com / chora

Narwhal (Bcn) - shoegazing aquatic

Visuals: Mike Swaneywww.michaelswaney.com HELHESTEN: Core members Hannah (Clarinet, Saxophone), Greg (Electric Viola, Zither , Guitar), Ben (Vocal enthusiasm, cassettes, reel to reel) started making music together in Brighton. And on this tour they will be joined by Pascal Nichols (Stuckometer) on Drums, and Kelly (CooperJones) playing flute and recorder.

Their aim is to channel their physical energy together, instruments, and various sound sources into a deep trough texture, shadow moving through slow-burn ing jams into bursts of ecstatic clatter. Some of their most recent recordings have been likened to a 'more strung out version of Sunburned Hand of the Man', and early seventies 'electric period' Miles Davies.
They have had one previous release on Curor recordings (split CD-r with Chora), and an upcoming 10 \ "on London DIY label Upset the rhythm, as well as a CD on Barcelona bas ed label Discos Compulsivos LUV LUV, and French label Cook an egg.

CHORA started playing together Whilst living in Sheffield, though they have recently relocated to London, a move that both bands have given the opportunity to improvise together and become rotating members of each other's projects.
The music they play as a duo reaches utterly blissful cosmic plans, t he end result of their recent releases is a sense of 'freedom', reached by utilizing layers of unsettling percussion loops, violin, vocal tones, and samples.
CHORA have recently released a collaborative album, 'Baron Groon', with Lanterns on Blackest Rainbow, and The 'Baptist Grip' on another Sheffield based label Singing Knives. They have imminent release on LP Manche ster Golden Lab Records label.

NARWHAL are Simon Williams (Jahbitat) and Cristian Up (Coconot) making sounds from under the sea ... Masive rare ambient electronics and sampling.


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