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May 2008

NATION FAST-Mar Bastidas
GRANDMA NOTICION 2007 - Juan Carrascal - Yñigo
SEASON 92-93 - Alexander Marzoa
PRESSURE - Sergio Kruge
THE Hospitality - Elena García Oliveros
PORTRAIT - José Carrasco
GREIX - Ferran Calvo & o acute;
WAVES - Pablo Llorca
APROP - Aitor Echeverria

PRODUCTION - Production Counter
PHOTOGRAPHY - Alvaro Gutierrez
ASSEMBLY - Nacho Ruiz Capillas
CAST - Marta Aledo, Alberto Jimenez, Luis Callejo, Fernando Tielve
SYNOPSIS - Sara has hurt and offended anyone ... Until they have faces rep plow something material, is unable to repair the emotional ... all things are delicately interconnected.
DURATION - 15 minutes
____Festivales Destacados____
- Festival de Aviles - Second Prize for Best Short
- Cambrils Festival - Second Prize for Best Short
- Festival International de Palencia - Prize for best inte rpretación
- Film Festival of Young Filmmakers of Zaragoza - Best Original Score Award
- X Expression in short (Mexico)
- II Attalus in Short (Madrid)
- Clermont - Ferrand International Film Festival (France)
- XXXVI ALCINE Alcalá Film Festival (Madrid)
- Film Week Medina del Campo

PHOTOGRAPHY - José Carrasco and Andy Sintrom
ORIGINAL MUSIC - Alberto Iglesias
Actors - Cristina Hortiguela
DURATION - 5 minutes

ASSEMBLY - Mar Bastidas
MUSIC - Ramon Castells
Actors - Elizabeth Hart, Matthew Soule, Julie Ann McMillan, Allison Lane, Chris Sorensen, Michael Millar
SYNOPSIS - Fast Nation is a contemporary drama that explores addiction as evasively before cua lmost painful contact with reality. Vices that immerse the characters in this story in brief and canned dose of happiness. This is another weekend over where Alice, the protagonist, and her boyfriend and friends gather at home to relieve the tensions of the work week. It's another weekend where Alice overstepping the limit advance unconscious s of this routine.
DURATION - 23 minutes
____Festivales Destacados____
- VII Iberoamerican Short Film Contest SGAE Spanish Version
- V International Film Festival poor (Gibara - Cuba)
- XXXV International Festival der Nationen (Austria)

SCRIPT AND DIRECTION - John Carr ascal - Yñigo
PRODUCTION - Trapper John
ASSEMBLY - Juan Carrascal - Yñigo
NTERPRETER - Teresa Menocal, marialu Marciel, Berta de la Dehesa, Marta Nieto
SYNOPSIS - Carmencita has recorded his grandmother. The family includes the video in silence, what a surprise awaits
DURATION - 4 minutes
____Festivales Destacados____
- V Notodofilmf est - Award for best short section Azcona
- VII Festival Baumann (Girona)
- Ojo Cojo Festival (Madrid)

Temporada 92-93
ADDRESS - Alejandro Marzoa
SCREENPLAY - Michelangelo White And Alexander Marzoa
PRODUCTION - Escandalo Films
ASSEMBLY - Marta Bonet and Fran Carmona
PHOTOGRAPHIC Afia - Victor Rius
SOUND - Cristian Subirá
CAST - Carlos Blanco and Miguel de Liria
SYNOPSIS - When is the birthday of your young son, and have 10 minutes to finish the league and your team is about to go down to second. All that's left is to be glued to the transistor and someone qu and suffer as much as you, under any circumstances leave you
DURATION - 12 minutes
____Festivales Destacados____
- XXX Elche Film Festival - Prize for Best Short Film, Best Director and Best Actor
- XVI International Festival of Palencia - Award for best director and best actor
- ALCINE 2006, Festival de Cine de Alcala de Henares - P remio Canal +
- Short Film Festival Playa de las Americas - Best Short Film Award and Best Actor
- IX International Short Film Festival in Benalmadena - Special Jury Prize
- Short Sample Tres Cantos - Audience Award
- X CurtFicciones Festival - Jury Prize and Audience Award
- X Sample Short Sagunt - Second Prize for Best Short
- VII Certamen Fernando Quiñones - Third Prize for Best Short
- III JABardem Shorts Contest - Second Prize for Best Short

ADDRESS - Sergio Kruge
PRODUCTION - Trapper John
ASSEMBLY - Juan Carrascal - Yñigo
ANIMATION & Oacute; N - Arturo Artal

SYNOPSIS - Videoclip del grupo de rock Bilbao Standard, made in stop-motion film honors the Duel by Steven Spielberg
DURATION - 5 minutes

È ute, N AND ADDRESS - Alberto Blanco
PRODUCTION - Escandalo Films
ASSEMBLY - José Salto and Joan Solsona
PHOTOGRAPHY - Alberto Borque
MUSIC - Javier Gimeno
CAST - Carlos Lucas
SYNOPSIS - Nicanor is a legendary cowboy and retired. As we watch some regular activities in your routine, co try mo riding or dunk shoes on a stick, tells his alleged great achievements. So Nicanor talks about what it should be a place like the old west to become someone respectable, something that no doubt he has achieved. Last representative of an endangered species, the old man recounts his adventures with an exaggerated da bombast, shedding his narrative inconsistencies that make us suspect that is not exactly who he claims.
DURATION - 11 minutes

____Festivales Destacados____
- Next Reel International Film Festival (New York) - Special Mention
- Northern Wave Film Festival Grundarfjörður (Iceland) -- Award for Best Short Film
- I Festival architect of Loja - Jury Award
- International Short Film Week San Roque - Spanish Award for Best Short Film
- Barcelona VisualSound - Jury Award
- VI Certamen Fernando Quiñones National Short Film - Jury Award
- XXX Festival de Cine Iberoamericano de Huelva
-- IX Festival of Young Filmmakers of Zaragoza
- XVI International Film Festival Aguilar de Campo

THE Hospitality
SCRIPT AND DIRECTION - Elena García Oliveros
MUSIC - Blind Mary
DURATION - 8 minutes

____Festivales Destacados____
- Exposici & oacu I n the gallery Clearance (Madrid)
- I Festival of short films by women about violence in Barcelona
- Nothing about sin nós nós 2007
È br /> PHOTO - Miklos Buk
MUSIC - Emilio Aragon
Painting and collage - Jonathan Talbot
Actors - Jason Arprey, Lala Linke, Yury Tryknn
SYNOPSIS - Exercise testing on the difficulties of an artist to finish his work.
DURATION - 14 minutes
____Festivales Destacados____
- XIII and condition of the short film festival in Calella - Prize for Best Short
- VII collection of shorts from Tres Cantos - local Best Short Film Award
- Festival of young filmmakers of Zaragoza - Best Original Score Award
- III Action On Film International Film Festival (USA)
- XXII Film Festival Odense (Denmark)
- X Zimbabwe International Film Festival
- XXIV Film Festival of Bogota (Colombia)
- V Latino Film Festival of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
- I Orlando Hispanic Film Festival (USA)

ADDRESS - Ferran Calvó
SYNOPSIS - Videoclip Catalan group of psychedelic lia - Punk - Experimental
Le petit Ramon
DURANCIÓN - 4 minutes
È cute; ndez, Julia Borchert and Rachel Lazarus
SYNOPSIS - Rosa meets a Turkish soldier and writer in Berlin, begin to emerge and is seduced by him. After women marry, they are installed in a small town on the Mediterranean coast, where he begins to write a book.
DURATION - 12 minutes
____Festivales Destacados____
- 54 Oberhausen International Short Film Festival (Germany)
- 49 International Festival of Documentary and Short Film of Bilbao Zinebi
- Northern Wave Film Festival Grundarfjörður (Iceland)
- FIFE "Carbunari 2007" (Romania)
- X International Short Film Festival in Benalmadena

PRODUCTION - Gray stairs films
PHOTOGRAPHY - Miguel Ruano
ASSEMBLY - David Valero
MUSIC - Alejandro Huertas
Actors - Zoe Berriatua, Paola Verdú, St. Agnes Martin
SYNOPSIS - Luis suffers from severe heart disease that has t y Content half his life locked in his house under the watchful care of an overprotective mother. Tired of living between four walls, there comes a day that decides to escape. In a store with a beautiful cross from the clerk who falls in love instantly. This will give an impossible love situation, in which chance and fear play an equally or more important than l I own protagonists.
DURATION - 15 minutes
____Festivales Destacados____
- Montalbanejo Film Festival (Cuenca) - Prize for Best Short
- Film Festival Quart de Poblet - Best Short Film Award
- International Film Festival NALON ART - Second Prize for Best Short
- International Film Festival Girona - Award special jury
- International Film Festival Sax - Audience Award
- Short Shorts Film Festival 2008 (Japan)
- I Orlando Hispanic Film Festival (USA)
- IV Film Festival (Peru)
- VI Sample shorts de Jujuy (Argentina)
- X International Film Festival of Dhaka (Bangladesh)
- VI dig film festival ital of Chile
- 48 Festival International Film and TV Cartagena (Colombia)

È arolina Alejos and Silvia Marín
SYNOPSIS - The dream interrupted by the touch of the skin known. The slight touch of a finger across the back. The sigh of that voice that invites you to play. The most everyday gestures become, seen up close in a special dance.
DURATION - 7 minutes
____Festivales Destacados____
- & nbsp; XXII Brest European Short Film Festival (France) - Prix Canal + Cocotte minute
- VIII short film contest in Jerez (Spain) - Best short film
- IX Festival Arrivanoicorti, Montelanico (Italy) - Best Editing
- IXX International Festival of Fano (Italy) - Third prize
- IX Mostra Minimal Gandia (Spain) - Prem io Re-action
- IX Abycine of Albacete (Spain) - Special mention to the originality of the proposal
- X Shorts Contest city of Soria (Spain) - Best Cinematography
- XIV Festival de films de Ciudad Real - Best videocreation
- XIV Shorts Contest Leioa (Spain) - Third prize - Visual sound V Barcelona (Spain) - Jury Award Best videocreation
- V CineKink New York (USA) - Best Short Film Award Experimental
- X Zemos_98 de Sevilla (Spain) - Audience Award
- 36 edition of The Dance on Camera Festival in New Yor k
- Curtasmetragens XVIII International Festival of Sao Paulo (Brazil)
- XX Exground Film Festival (Germany)

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