May '08
Jun '08

Caja de luz: ii festival internacional de fotografía y artes visuales

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For the second consecutive year, Caja de Luz meets the photographic work of artists from different geographical and creative horizons.

In these disciplines in this edition were added two more: live action photography and projection.

In Sala1 shown, within a heterogeneous photographic dialogue, the more personal look of various national and international photographers.

; - Carlos Albala (Spain)
- Severine Cousot (France)
- Alba escay (Spain)
- Ignasi López (Spain)
- Anti Moure (Spain)
- Rodolphe Simeon (France)
- Rivka Amoyelle (France)
& nbsp; - Gianfranco Tripod (Italy)

LAB in the room shown in the form of permanent projection, different histories and contexts through the eyes of documentary photographers.

- Juanma Costa (Spain)
- Deszo Tamas (Hungary)
- Emilie Hallard (France)
& nb sp; - Hughes Léglise-Bataille (France)
- Veera Lehto (Finland)
- Mariela Sacario (Argentina-Mexico)
- Leo Simões (Espa & nti lde; a)
- David Waaknin (Israel)
- Zhuang Wubin (Singapore)

Box of Light is only a sample of photographic work but also becomes an open where they can exchange ideas, views and know-how.
Committed to social issues and believe that photography can educate, we want to give tools to people interested in photojournalism and photojournalism.
We are also interested to Light Box is a platform to discuss current issues related to photography & i acute; a. The concert photography, a discipline known to the general public, is in flux. For the first time people will meet representative for that discipline to discuss the metamorphosis of the market.


II International Festival of Photography and Visual Arts Lightbox

Narrative based on projected slides and live sound track experimentally

20:00 to 23:30 h.

10:00 ¯ 18:00 h.


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