Performance - translucide - dentro del festival caja de luz

Jun 2008
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Rivka Amoyelle - Translucide r n
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Inside the Box Festival of Light, Rivka Amoyelle proposes a public photographic intervention. r n
The project of the artist is to unite people who belong, at local, group and develop with them the "choreography" of the grouping, select the sites and the role of each. r n
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This will be a photo shoot where they will stage a group of 15-30 participants. From the idea presence / absence of the group, dazzled by a lighting hard, be portrayed in the white room environment (white cube). R n
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You want to participate? R n
There are several ways: r n
- Light technician: you must have basic knowledge of studio lights r n
- As assistant to the photographer: you must have basic knowledge of management of medium format camera r n
- As the protagonist of the performance r n
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Register for MiscelÉnea or write info@cajadeluz.es r n
Leave your phone number and email for us to contact you. R n
r n
The pictures will be published in the catalog of the festival. r n
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