May '08
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mama!milk + cinema dub monks (daiho)


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mama! milk is an instrumental acoustic duo formed by the accordionist and bass player Yuko Ikoma Kosuke Shimizu. Yuko Ikoma creates beautiful melodies with his fingers mysterious and rhythmic accompaniments Kosik Shimizu built from the bottom. Based in Kyoto, mama! Milk have performed in many places around Japan since 1997. His music has been described as \ "new exotic Japanese \" \ "Music as Sumi-e (black ink painting) \" or \ "film for the ears \".

In their live performances are only two of them, but played with the air space around them by mixing in his music. In his recordings have worked with many renowned musicians gone in the current scene in Japan. They have also been invited to record with many artists both in Japan and internationally and have been involved in composing music for film and theater.


Daiho Cinema is the leading DubMonks, a band born in Okinawa in 1999. An atmospheric sound collage, based cinematic acoustic instruments like the flute, the harmonica, the melodica, bass, and accompanied by soundscape recordings on tape.
Cinema DubMonksha released three albums, including \ "Barcelona Project \" (2004) which was nominated for \ "World wide track of the year \" p or the BBC in England.
In their presentations live, Cinema DubMonks generate an intimate atmosphere in which they develop a story with their music and their projections.



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