Nace en Argentina en 1977, desarrolla su carrera  como ilustrador en Barcelona.
Ha expuesto en diversas galerias de Barcelona, Berlin, Bolognia, Paris y Mexico.
Además de colaborar en proyectos con otros artistas para el Bread&Butter, Adicolor o Byloa.
Ha publicado el libro "BLANCO" con la editorial Rojo, ademas de editar su obra en diversas revistas como lamono, 3colores o Platano verde entre otras.

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Sosaku Miyazaki

Nace en Japón hace 32 años, le gusta pintar y dibujar y pintar todo el dia,dormir mucho,comer,fumar,ver peliculas y beber cafe con leche mientras escucha musica.
Su trabajo ha sido expuesto en varios paises. Ha publicado el libro "Dirty Color Stereo Cooking Video Tape Dance Party" con la editorial Rojo, ademas de editar su obra en diversas revistas.

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Sosaku Miyazaki

Sep 2008
Sep 2008

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Opening: Friday 5 to 20.00h.

Lolo and restate Sosaku Barcelona Miscelânea intervening space by an installation that promises to be quite surprising. Inspired in their rooms and in the very short s dreams to remember, turn their views in all formats. In these dreams the changing rooms although they can recognize as their own, the door has been made smaller and the running water for diluting plaster sculptures.

Forests, primary life, drawings, sounds, textures and carnivorous come amid dreams. The exhibition will seek the surprise visitor, trying to recapture the childlike spirit that allows us to play with space and interpret it through our imagination.
LOLO AND Sosaku: A day Lol or awake, was the living room So there I was, sitting on the sofa (which was her bed the first few months). From the day they met in the summer of 2004, have not stopped working together. At first, the drawing was the only way to communicate, painting and drawing, at home, in the street, everywhere, increasingly integrating the work of each other, until the pun to that at times is almost impossible to differentiate. Then start working with video and music, bringing his own world a hitherto unknown format in their careers, resulting in short as Kamikaze cooking.

They presented their work at various festivals such as the BAC, LOOP, Sonar, or Musac Leon as well as in galleries Projected worldwide and their movies, visual and music at various festivals and miscellaneous.

In his new project wants to collect all lived until today, packing all the information, developing all its facets and disciplines and reflect an inner world where everyone can play and it is sought to discover their dreams.

In September we will discover that world in miscellaneous, before heading to Brazil to show it.

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