Los buenos muñecos viven para siempre

Oct 2008
Nov 2008

Exposición colectiva que reune a diversos artistas internacionales especializados en la creación de toys. El artista venezolano Reinaldo Vasquez aka HMTO reune una serie de destacadas obras, con la eternidad como nexo. Cuando todos nosotros hayamos marchado, los buenos muñecos viviran para siempre.

"Esta exposición trata sobre las cualidades y valores que hacen que un personaje sea inmortal, y viendolo desde un punto de vista más terrenal se refiere a que las personas que dan vida a esos personajes, son mortales."

Mar Hernández aka MALOTA
Apo Fousek: Apo's passion for surf and skateboarding goes way back. He's been involved with both sports for over 20 years and worked on all ends of them: from being a pro skater to a marketing cordinator or even a creative diretor for a Surfing brand.
Allthough Surf and Skateboarding are huge influences in his lifestyle, his creations and art are completely tied into nature, animals and everyday things that happen around him. That said, his ideals are mainly to break boundaries which will make people reflect more about their relationship with nature, animals and most importantly themselves.
He has shown his work in many respected galleries all over South America and the US (East Coast).

DGPH es ilustración, es diseño, es experimentación. Es un modo de expresarse, que combina arte, imagen, animación con diferentes formas de comunicación visual.
En el 2005 Martin Lowenstein , Diego Vaisberg (ambos diseñadores gráficos), decidieron abrirse camino en el mundo del diseño con un estilo propio y particular.
Así comienzan a desarrollar una serie de ilustraciones para diferentes revistas de arte y diseño, creando un mundo de personajes y criaturas, que hoy en día representan al estudio. Para el 2006, ya con la incorporación de Andrés Vaisberg (diseño industrial), el estudio se mete de lleno en el mundo de los vinyl toys, creando sus propios muñecos y personalizando muchos otros, entrando en una nueva etapa, en donde los personajes y creaciones del estudio cobran volumen y materialidad. De esta forma realizaron numerosos toys para difrentes marcas como Red Magic, Adfunture, Playtimes Imaginative además de diferentes instalaciones o productos especiales para Nike, Merrell, San Pablo Fashion Week, etc.

Eduardo Bertone: lustración, pintura y diseño gráfico se fusionan de forma espontánea, caótica y estridente para despertarnos de un mundo sedante y superficial. Texturas y colores nos envuelven representando de forma irónica la saturación visual comúnmente usada para deslumbrar, crear sueños, deseos e inseguridad.
Nací en Rosario, Argentina en 1977. Al terminar mis estudios en diseño gráfico me trasladé a Madrid (2000), donde estudié ilustración, trabaje como director de arte, y empecé a vincularme a proyectos artísticos que me han dado la posibilidad de mostrar mi trabajo en exposiciones colectivas, algunas solo, libros y revistas de distintas
partes del mundo. Donde podría destacar: "Fabrica: les yeux ouverts" exposición colectiva itinerante en Centre Pompidou en Paris, Shanghai Art Museum y Triennale di Milano.

Gaston Liberto: Nació en Sierra Grande, Patagonia, Argentina. Estudió Bellas Artes y Filosofía. El Circo y el Carnaval desde su infancia son la fuente de sus imágenes, su paradigma estético. Desde el año 2000 vive en Barcelona, ciudad que le inspira por su cultura y por su comunidad artística internacional. Su obra esta influenciada por el Realismo Mágico Latinoamericano, el Surrealismo Pop, la gente, los viajes, la naturaleza, los acontecimientos sociales, la música, la electrónica. Busca entender a través del arte todo el caos y la ansiedad de la Posmodernidad. Hace 10 años que trabaja en pintura, escultura e ilustración

Ghostpatrol is a melbourne based artist. He enjoys to sit under trees with a sketch book  and fall asleep. director of deathtron mountain, efficient task master  and paper herder, participates well with others.

Guillaumit is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and motion designer from bordeaux, France
His work combine geometric forms , rigid colour sheme and and funny cartoons characters.
He try to build an universe both ludic and meaningful.
His work has been showed in different exhibitions in Paris, London, Tokyo, Â...
Guillaumit work also in Gangpol & Mit project.
He make the videos, Gangpol does the sound, they work together to produce a mix of music and visuals during live shows.
They played in several shows in different country ( Canada, Japan, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Belgium. )


Juju’s Delivery was founded by the Berlin-based artist Juju. She studied Media Art at Chelsea College in London before moving into illustration and character design. Juju began her career designing covers, flyers and posters for musician friends. She moved on to collaborate with Rojo, Pictoplasma, MTV and Mercedes Benz, published drawings in magazines like Arkitip, Modart, Kid’s Wear and Yen Magazine. Her work has been exhibited in New York's Cinder's Gallery, Colette in Paris and throughout Berlin.

Juju’s drawings have been applied to belts, skateboards, cars and walls. As Juju’s Delivery, she has released her own line of T-shirts, in addition to collaborating with clothing labels Graniph, Threadless and Concrete Hermit. Her first book ¯ The Dead, the Damned and the Children of the Revolution ¯ was released by ROJO editions and quickly sold out.

Julie West :Julie was born in the winter of 1975 in the midwest. She spent her childhood taking art classes and volunteering at a local art gallery. She then went on to study art and graduated with a BFA in Illustration in 1998 from Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. Julie started out as a traditional media artist - using primarily acrylic, gouache, and technical pens. After spending a few years working as a print and web designer, various computer and design related elements began to surface in her work. Now her work is created with traditional means about half of the time - the rest being digital or a combination of the two.

Her work relies heavily on people and environments. Often quirky, bizarre, or ironic, Julie looks heavily at the way people live and define themselves, as well as the environments which they create for themselves. Studying these details, often reveals the
unique moments that make us human. After moving to England in 2005, Julie now spends her days in her studio, quite content
that she makes things all day.

Mar Hernández aka MALOTA. Artista interdisciplinar, licenciada en Bellas Artes. Desarrolla una amplia y variada actividad simultánea en el campo musical, con la composición de temas propios de carácter experimental ( o su participación como teclista en el grupo Parade desde mediados de los 90’s.
En los últimos años ha sido reconocido su buen hacer como diseñadora e ilustradora en múltiples certámenes y premios nacionales e internacionales como: el Certamen de Jóvenes creadores INJUVE o el certamen Valencia Crea entre otros.
Su trabajo como ilustradora puede ser revisado en su web ( Esta es una de sus facetas más interesantes, ya que la intensa práctica que está realizando en este campo la sitúa como referente, dando lugar a reportajes, monográficos y entrevistas en las publicaciones especializadas. A nivel comercial ha realizado trabajos para clientes como Armada skis (USA), Cactus Island Recordings (UK), Revista Colectiva (Costa Rica) , d[x]i magazine (España), argh comic (España), Oddica magazine (UK), superinteressante mag (Brasil), lamilk magazine (España), etc.
En la actualidad está ampliando sus estudios de arte con la realización de un master especializado en artes visuales y multimedia ( a la vez que sigue desarrollando su trabajo como ilustradora y artista.
Mar Hernández ha participado en diversidad de exposiciones en distintos países, colabora de forma continuada con varias galerías en Estados Unidos como Carmichael Gallery (LA)  y Rivet Gallery (OH), su trabajo tambien ha sido recientemente expuesto en la bienal de Jóvenes creadores de Europa (Italia)


Matthew Hodson lives and draws in the northern city of Leeds, UK. He grew up in a tiny country side village in the Yorkshire Dales with farmers and livestock. He is interested in ideas, language, silliness, shapes and nature. Matthew also writes rude poems and comics, his current project is based on the anxiety attacks he has been getting recently, which he thinks are a result of become an adult. Matthew is currently improving and would like to continue to do so.

Mopa believes in the good side of things, optimism is a part of its everyday.
We exist since August of 2006, but we already knew each other for  quite some time and the previous experience of each one was  fundamental for the essence that the group was able to reach.
Alline Luz, Daniel Gizo, Felipe Cavalcante and Rogério Lionzo compose  Mopa's foundation group. Felipe Medeiros, in the management side,  completes our team. Besides this internal formation, we count with several associates in photography, video and internet that enrich our  projects.
The studio attitude of generating experiences and positive sensations  has reached good results. In these circumstances, during these two  years, we had the opportunity of creating imaginative solutions for  our clients.

Motomichi Nakamura was born in Tokyo, Japan and graduated from Parsons School of Design. He currently lives and works in NYC.
 Minimum use of color (black, white and red) as well as a focus on the creation of characters and creatures using simple graphic elements characterizes Motomichi’s work visually across digital and traditional media. The subjects in his work often reflect conflictive characteristics, for instance they can be frightening and humorous, or part human and part monsters.
 His digital animation work has been exhibited at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC, has appeared in Sundance and it is currently showcased as part of the Whitney Museum of American Art’s online collection "Artport".
 He has performed his live video/animation mix at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, the Edinburgh International FIlm Festival and at other recognized venues in the U.S. and abroad.
 Clients include MTV, VH1, USA Networks, EA, Sony and Pocari Sweat. He has also produced music videos for The Knife and Otto Von Schirach.


Nick Deakin


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