: barcelona bakalao + ambor grieko + dr. tikov vj

Jan 2009

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Barcelona is a project Bakalao improvisational rave multicultural, born of the union of Diego Garcia (former vintage synthpop instrumentalist) and Dimitry Ghost (dj 8bit/electro of Moscow). In any case, the group creates jam sessions with various combinations of artists, serving as a platform for dance music improvisation. Inspired by rave s 90er, the 80er acid house, electronics 70, the synthpunk, eurodance etc. well as in an absurd idea-Dadaist rave music. Use various analog synthesizers, Casio and the new tenori-on.
È unique electronic music, CLA alliance between the basslines and staccato rhythms form the basis of their vocal expressions mutants, reminiscent in many respects to voices like those of Prince, Jamie Lidell (Super_Collider), Mike Patton (PeepingTom) or the most recent Michael Fakesch work or Mocky ... Revisit the sweetness of funk and rock energy, media nte technical elements of glitch and minimal with some influences from "coldwave ". After years of playing in the French scene, now develops his work in Barcelona.

Dr. VJ Tikov electronics manufacturer / Russian dub and experimental video artist, this time done in VJ.
http://myspace. com / dimitryghost

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