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Discipline: Installation, video and photography.
Opening: Thursday, 29 to 20h

I think the picture of graffiti can be considered a photographic genres such as photography or mountain weddings, christenings and communions. The incursion of this tool within the movement came backed Graffiti driven by the need to preserve and authenticate the actions of graffiti. But beyond technicalities and catalog, I'm interested in photography graffiti which implies their existence and rereading we can do from this.
I understand the graffiti as a way of breaking the communication codes legitimized by using the space p & uac ute; lic as a medium.
Directly or indirectly the Graffiti has a claim to the use of the city. One way to build the city from below, to participate in the management of living space. I'm interested in graffiti art from the perspective of action.
Understanding the paint like a scar resulting Formal Action & oac ute, n has taken place there. It is from this perspective, the photograph becomes relevant as an essential document that certifies, after her death the painting, graffiti has existed ... and died once documented.

In memory of all those who died graffiti in the city of Barcelona.

Rest in peace.



“Especialista en arte público” por la Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. Su lenguaje toma forma entre el arte conceptual y la pintura mural contemporánea.
Después de más de diez años interviniendo en la calle, ha sido invitado a participar en algunos de los festivales de arte urbano más relevantes de Europa.
Ha participado en un gran numero de exposiciones tanto nacionales como internacionales. Durante el último año ha estado trabajandoRead more

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