Joan Tarragó

Joan Tarragó
1981, Barcelona

Hes career started almost 10 years ago when he moved to Athens for a school internship. He is in an interdisciplinary journey between illustration and graphic design, two-and three-dimensionality. 

He believes illustration is no longer bound by the flat format, but very often inspects and develops space. With his projects he try to build bridges between art and design, where illustration, painting, street & communication all play an important role. Joan illustrates his fantastic animal's world and characters, holy scenarios filled with symbolism and curious lines and textures. A ritual atmosphere ready to melt with typography and endless traces of organic lines growing fanciful.

He currently lives in Barcelona and often travels to New York and Miami and keeps spreading his world through his studio taking part in art festivals, preparing new exhibitions and collaborating with brands and non corporate organizations.

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Marga López

1983,  Lleida

Ha estudiado Bellas Artes especializándose en ilustración, además de un Postgrado en Diseño y Estrategias de Comunicación, en Elisava (Barcelona).
Desde 2008 trabaja cómo freelance. Ha realizado proyectos para clientes como Audi, Google, Converse, Quiksilver, Ray-Ban o San Miguel.

Entre sus referentes se encuentran los grabados y la cartelería del s.XIX, la heráldica o los patrones repetidos de la naturaleza. 

Utilizando cómo soporte el papel, la madera o el algodón, su trabajo se convierte en orfebrería bidimensional por medio de finísimas líneas, superposición de tramas, geometrías orgánicas, módulos repetidos y un fuerte protagonismo de la tipografía. 

“Dígale a los angeles”, Miscelanea, Barcelona, 2009. 
“DIY” Rumkammerat, Copenhague, 2010.
“Fauna y Flora”, Miscelanea. Barcelona, 2012 / LaSala. Zaragoza, 2013.
“We are all in”, Reskate. 2013/2014, Colectiva Itinerante.

Asalto, 7ª edición. Zaragoza, 2012.
Vang Es Castell. Menorca, 2013.
BAUV - Biennal d'Art Urbà al Vallès, 2014.

Reinventing Screenprinting: Inspirational Pieces by Contemporary Practitioners. Caspar Williamson. Rotovisión 2011.
Enjoy your meal graphics, de Index Book, 2014.

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V Workshop


VWorkshop is a collective of professional artists - designers brought together by a common creative expression. The team is run by the handmakers Marga López and Joan Tarragó. The group’s main activity is bringing to life our creative language experimenting with several techniques and a wide variety of natural materials. Visual art is no longer bound by the flat format, but very often inspects and even develops space.

With our projects we try to build bridges between art and design, where illustration, painting, street, communication design, and fashion all play an important role. 




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DÍgale a los Ángeles

Joan Tarragó

Marga López

V Workshop

Mar 2009
Apr 2009

Opening: Friday 27 to 20h. A proud look, a lying tongue, hands that kill innocent people, a mind that makes evil plans, feet that are quick to do evil, a witness who tells lie after lie and someone who causes trouble among friends. 7 sins, 7 penalties, 7 churches, 7 virtues, 7 demons, 7 vee, 7 torture, 7 sentences, 7 examples, 7 states, 7 colors, 7 crosses

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