Documental el viaje de la organizaciÓn vite

Mar 2009

A trip through Spain with the only organization that fights for the rights of the sculptures. His agent runs along most of the Spanish geography walking to his office looking for people who want to adopt one of their strange sculptures. The only condition required of adoptive parents is that the sculpture pa RTICIP in the daily life of his new family. This non-profit and non-government course aims to strengthen the ties that have united us with the sculptures from ancient times and takes every opportunity to claim and report the situation experienced by millions of sculptures. Their motto is: "I will do everything in my power and to make the sculptures to enjoy a better life ". Although we do not know where she is this particular organization, sure he continues his hard work.

Director and Screenplay: Sebastian Rossello Cinematography: Pedro Ballesteros
Implementation and Pre-assembly: Manel Mayol
Audio: Isaac Mota
Realization (Valencia): Iñaki Sagastume and David Aguilar
Realization (Cádiz): Pau Atienza and David Aguilar
Sound (Valencia and Cadiz): Pitu Garcia
Mounting: Pau Atienza
Digital Post Production: Derek Sangenís
Audio Post Production: Alex Legido
Format: 16:9
Duration: 97 min.

The soundtrack is composed by KEVIN LOPEZ 2 tracks and
I used several songs that PASCAL COMELADE kindly gave me that I was going to explain the project.
www.laorganiza cionvite.org

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