Ilia Mayer (Barcelona, 5 de abril de 1975)
Andrea Michaelsson (Barcelona, 5 de julio de 1977)

Ilia Mayer ha estudiado en  La Llotja de Barcelona (1994-1995) y en la Design and Fine Arts B-Tech of London (1996-1998).
Andrea Michaelsson ha estudiado Fotografía a l’Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Barcelona (2001-2003).

Nuestra vocación como  artistas de arte urbano se inicia en el año 2002, fruto de experimentar con otras técnicas  plásticas de carácter libre e improvisado (aerosol, pintura plástica, etc.) y el soporte de las paredes de la calle.
Desde entonces, hemos pintado murales por las calles de Barcelona.

En cuanto a la metodología de trabajo, en general pintamos los murales de forma improvisada, sin ningún boceto previo. Utilizamos varias técnicas como el dibujo a mano alzada, las plantillas de diversos formatos, el aerosol o la pintura plástica.

Nuestras fuentes de inspiración van desde las novelas de ciencia ficción de los años 50, los cómics manga, los carteles antiguos, el dadaísmo, Andy Warhol, la cultura japonesa en general hasta la música electrónica experimental.


Carmichael gallery. Exposición colectiva. West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Agosto 2009
"Seneca Guns". Miscelänea. Exposición individual Ilia Mayer. Junio 2009
The Bricklane Gallery. Exposición colectiva. Londres, Mayo 2009
Carmichael gallery. Exposición colectiva. West Hollywood, Los Angeles. Febrero 2009
“Stencil History X” Intoxicated demons. Exposición colectiva. Berlin, Febrero 2009
“Christmas show”. Pictures on walls. London, Diciembre 2008
"Reveille-toi!", Festival Arte Contemporáneo BAC'08, CCCB. Barcelona, Diciembre, 2008.
"Wolfzeit", exposición individual, Niu. Barcelona. Junio 2008
"Mur-Murs 01", exposición colectiva, Fábrica. Menorca. Marzo 2008
"Paradise Lost" exposición individual, Miscelänea. Barcelona. Noviembre 2007
NothingXulu, exposición. Girona. Octubre 2007
Neurotitan, exposición colectiva.. Berlin. Junio 2007
No New Enemies, exposición colectivaBruselas. Mayo 2007
Byloa, Mexico DF/. Mayo 2007
Miscelänea, Barcelona. Diciembre 2006
Miscelänea, Barcelona. Diciembre 2005

Live Shows

"Galeria Oberta" Barcelona. Julio 2008
"Kosmopolite" Paris.. Junio 2008
"Untitled", Miscelänea, Barcelona, Mayo 2008
"No New Enemies  and Modart at Botanique Museum", Bruselas, Mayo 2008
"The Cans Festival" organizado por POW, Banksy y Tristan Manco. Londres. Mayo 2008
"Mur-Murs 01" Menorca. Marzo 2008

"Urban Funke", Barcelona
"Difusor", Barcelona
"Byloa", Mexico
"ARCO 2007", presentación libro BTOY, publicado por Belio Magazine.

"Decibelio Festival", Madrid
"Festival Hip Hope", Barcelona
"Downtown Reggae", Barcelona
"Per Amor al'Hart", Barcelona

Animación para "Graffiti Virtual" de Omnivor_Lab. "Festival Interferencia Sur". Granada, 25 y 26 septiembre 2008.
Animación para "Graffiti Virtual" de Omnivor_Lab. "Nit de l'Art" Caixaforum. Palma Mallorca, 17 septiembre 2008.
Animación para "Graffiti Virtual" de Omnivor_Lab. "Noche en Blanco" Caixaforum. Madrid, 13 septiembre 2008.
Serigrafías para Pictures on Walls. Londres, 2008.
Portada CD diseño "Els invertebrats" de Refree , Aquarela discos. Septiembre 2007
Bar Lobo (Grupo Tragaluz), Barcelona 2006

“Autorretrato” para Ling magazine, Febrero 2009
Artículo especial para “Time Out”. Barcelona, Enero 2009
“Ictus” Rojo magazine. Barcelona. Noviembre 2008
Entrevista y publicación obra para “LaMono” magazine. Barcelona, Abril, 2008
"Stencil History X" por C215. Paris. Noviembre 2007.
"BTOY", publicado en la colección “Die Young” de Belio Magazine. Madrid, 2007
"Scenes graffiti in Barcelona", Ed. Monsa. Barcelona, 2006
"Barcelona- New York", Ed.. Monsa. Barcelona, 2006
"Mikosa Magazine", Amsterdam, 2006
Prensa: "El Universal", Mexico; "El Periódico", "El Mundo", "El Punt", "La Vanguardia", Barcelona…


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Belio x10: la generación del efecto 2000


Nov 2009
Nov 2009

Opening: Thursday, 5 to 20h.

The magazine of art and design in Spain, Bel, is celebrating its 10th anniversary by publishing a special issue of Bel Magazine, an exhibition that will tour several cities.

This exhibition gathers a selection of new works by artists from around the world that have been specially created in tribute to this special birthday Fair. Collages, new logos, paintings, prints, videos of festivals, parties and interviews ... All this and much more in a single event to represent the different aspects of culture Fair.

Artists such as Paul Insect, Superdeux, Jon Burgerman, Besdo Garsia, Btoy, Den or Delkographik, DG PH, Dzgnbio, Eduardo Bertone, Dr. Alderete, Kenora, Geso, Grande Graphix, HYP, I Am I Can, Josep Solé, Miguel Angel Martin, Mr Muju, Niark1, Okuda, Raoul Sini, Rebel One, Saddo, San, Saner, Sergio Jimenez, Vertico 's Puppets, Vasava, Zosen, Catalina Estrada, Base 23, Escif, Integral Apparel, Official Classic, Alex Trochut, Gee.Oh.Dee, Botlek, and many more. ..

The exhibition will tour in 2009 and 2010 in different cities of Europe.
Due to the magnitude of exposure, in some cities, like Barcelona the sample has been divided between two galleries. In the case of Barcelona, the sample is in Miscelänea and Ras Gallery.


Wha ien would have told you in 1999? But here we are 10 years later. Something which is still incredible for its creators, a dream come true: Ten years of life devoted to art and design they love.

The first issue of Bel Magazine was published in 1999. Originally the project was the personal response that Javie ry Pablo Iglesias faced a lawsuit that they had: A periodical publication echoed around the art was not yet in museums, books and other art magazines extremely conservative. They wondered to themselves "Will there be an audience interested in eating a publication with such unpublished CONTENT gone? ". We tested and the answer was a clear " YES ", especially given that all the old numbers (from 001 to 020) are absolutely exhausted.

In these 10 years many things have changed, and Bel has been part of it somehow. An entire generation of artists ranging from graffiti artists to illustrators, through design & nt ilde; worship, photographers, urban artists, bloggers, fans and producers of the new culture around the vinyl-toys, musicians and deejays Veejays ... All of them addicted to electronics! If there is anything that could define this generation which represents Bel is the relationship with computers, developing new programs, new s tools, new machines, new forms of expression, new digital communities ...
The "Generation Effect 2000 " refers to a singular phenomenon occurred in recent years of the nineties. when everybody thought that everything would collapse our digital world built upon us to go to "00 ", delete ndo and all the previous information and creating a big mess. This uncertainty is both the feeling of the younger generation of artists from the 90s. When there is no "official revolution " that supposedly claim and everything has already been invented. These ten years after the "00 " have the opportunity to demonstrate that this generation of aú n had to be done, say, to express ... destroying and recreating the culture again, with new blends of elements that have never before been combined. And Bel and the way they presented the culture is a representation of the concept.

This new edition of Bel and exhibition is the representation of This generation of new artists. At least part of them, some of the best men and women in the contemporary creative scene.

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