Festival barcelona en butoh'09

Oct 2009

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Reserved tickets will go on sale should not be taken before 19h. 19.30h. BROKEN LANDSCAPE Cranämour, Madrid

Seres planted on wasteland.
Creatures that inhabit inhospitable places.
With gestures ef & iacu te; mere transit spaces.
No points or commas.
Trees burned by the speed of the city.
Floating beings.
Population broken any city.

21h. MY BODY IS A HOTEL? "Is my body a hotel?" Joelle Gruenberg, Spain - Peru

First look for a colpa (salt water spring where they water the animals ), Then there are all kinds of prey. After several days of hunting, animals become malicious. Then you go somewhere else. Evidence, for example, the path 2, then take the path 3. If you find nothing, you choose the path 4. If you did not find anything there, you try on the trail 5, where you will see traces of peccary. These will lead the path 6, where cazarás the following days. In the next moon can return to colpa, since animals have to be naive again.
C. Prohaño, Amazonian shaman

22h. DEATH ASH "Ash dead" Sara Pons, Barcelona

Cross the laws of physics as a breath sighs, leaving between see a life stifled by their existence and pushed beyond the obvious, beyond the senses. Pushed to a place to meet.


Creation and interpretation: Tania Garrido and Nazareth Laso
Duration: 20 min. Outdoor + 20 min. inside
Photo: David Perez Hernando
Cranämour butoh-dance-theater is butoh dance company that was born in Madrid in 2001. Tania Garrido and Nazareth Laso, its artistic co-directors are known to study at the RESAD (Royal School of Dramatic Art in Madrid). Deepening the butoh dance in the city of Wells Wendell's hand and later with various Japanese teachers as Atsushi Takenouchi, Ko Wall bushi, Yoshito Onho, Dakei, Yukio Waguri, Hisako Horikawa and Katsura Kan, and European masters like Imre Thormann and SOUNDED Butoh Company.

MY BODY IS A HOTEL? "Is my body a hotel?"

Creation and interpretation: Joelle Gruenberg
Live Original Music: Melissa Castagnetto
Duration: 30 min.
Photo: Yuriko Okubo

Joelle Gruenberg was born in Peru. He was trained in contemporary dance school in Carmen Senra in Madrid and later obtained a degree in dance and choreography at the Laban Center for Movement and Dance in London. Peruvian dances studied at the School of Folklore of the Universidad Mayor de San Marcos in Peru and in 2001 Home & oacute e; his butoh dance studios in Germany with Yumiko Yoshioka. Since 1997 he has worked with many different artists: Integro Group, LOT Theater, Ten Pen Chii Art Work, Yumiko Yoshioka, Guillermo Castrillón, Marisol Otero, Anushiye Yarnell, Yuko Kominami, Rafael Freyre, Melissa Pauchi Castagnetto and Sasaki.

DEATH ASH "Ash dead"

Sara Pons, Barcelona
Creation and interpretation: Sara Pons
Duration: 35 min.
Photo: Beep

Sara Pons was born in Barcelona in 1981. Trained in ballet and contemporary dance, decides to break with the technique and to investigate other possibilities of movement. His search takes her to Cuba, Brazil, Mexico and India. In 2005, knows the butoh through Ricardo Morera, des then, he plunges into the void of the body.

Company Research Raravis, Carme Torrent, Hisako Horikawa, Constance Brncic, Imre Thormann, and in the Himalayas Rizhome Butoh School in Lee, where she created her first single.

He has participated in the Moluccas and Ithaca Dance companies and currently serves on the other, along with Ricardo M Orera, and inutes, Balasch Aurora.

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