Justice yeldham +m ax noi mach + cocodriles

Oct 2009

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Justice Yeldham (AUS)
Originally from Australia, Lucas Abela is at the crossroads between the noise and extreme performance, both from its use of glass on stage. Load label artist (Lightning Bolt, Yellow Swans, prurient).
M Ax Noi Mach (USA) is Rob Francis, Filader elfi.
Making an "online " between power electronics, noise, party music and poetry, her creations are always convincing and full of quotations, "AHHHHHHHH! " Or "Don 't look at me when i 'm talking to you! ". A mixture of dirt and humanity that somehow comes out striking and beautiful. Performance, Noise, Stand-up Comedy, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Baltimore Club Music, Dirty South Slo-mo, Industrial, Poetry.
È the lo-fi. Its two members decided to form the group without ever having touched an instrument before in their lives or have no musical training. Each concert is a world unto itself. The band has experienced the sound with companies as diverse as a Mariachi, hillbilly sound of the saw, singers improvised, and so on.
Crocodile almost no ens nurse, have around 10 unfinished issues that have never played very well. But so, not on purpose, but the DIY factor is very important to them, the factor of extreme improvisation and the search for anti melody is something that makes únicos.http: / / / alligator

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