Colectivo electrique

Nov 2009

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Now formed by two draft Monterrey, Mexico for a European tour Electrique Collective presentations will begin in October, the projects involved are:

uvi.lov: conformed to this tour Onofre Javier and Santiago Vela, this dream pop electronica duo uses sample rs and atmospheres of electric guitars to create a dream world and landscape.

Orvonton: the electronic music project of Charles Pechant (Monterrey, 1987). His compositions have elements of ambient and IDM, but not limited to one of these genres. Tinged with jazz and orchestral elements using line gives us b eats, without taboos of what is music or not.

The passion and fascination for the abstract and complex soundtrack led to a group of young Mexicans have agreed to meet to give other shapes and textures to the sound spectrum, the primary intention of this meeting is to achieve a musical vision m & aacut e, s broad and expand sound horizons in a society saturated with information and noise pollution. The exploitation of technological resources as samplers, laptops, synthesizers, drum machines, sequencers, midi technology, along with the most basic musical instruments like guitars, pianos and xylophones as well as the Incorporació & oacute e, n visual elements make this a very rare musical experience, interest and other refreshing to the ears and the eyes.


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