TACTELgraphics is a multidisciplinary team Chappaz Ismael (Technical suprior in artistic photography, EASD Valencia) and Juanma Menero (Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Polytechnic University of Valencia).

Active since 2005 is dedicated to creating graphics, multimedia, illustration, photography and producció No audiovisual.
His work in collaboration as a duo provides remote viewing of the conventions, whether institutional, social or sexual. Through his images explore a dreamlike world populated by colorful impressions, visions, stealth and selective memories.
They use a wide range of formal devices while moving around aesthetic very different records, applying to every idea a specific support.

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My juvenile


Jan 2010
Jan 2010

Translated by Google translate 

L  'immortalité: It symbolizes the confrontation between the mortal and the immortal seen from the perspective of three authors of modern French literature.
Indian Periplus: From child's play to reality.
Babayaga: Three interpretations of what might be the abode of the witch more known and feared Russian mythology.
Mouth's Cradle: The demystification of devouring monster.
Animaux nocturnes: The night and cast their spectrum feared beasts into the vastness of space.

We are naturally curious and like to explore the deeper side of our "I" like the world around us, because they often do not have to go far to find what really excites you.



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