Jan 2010

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The trip begins sbin late '80 in Durango, Cristina hometown, voice and guitar of the project. It is there and in those years when the artist first discovered the power and magic of the music of his flute, the piano plays Satie, which elects the Elgar cello or the violin and harmonica listening day after day in his family home. The collection of jazz records his father and brother help her learn from childhood to Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Dave Brubeck, Bradford Marsalis, Miles Davis and many others who achieved throughout his adolescence transporting to another time and other magical places with so s ust close your eyes.

Years later discover musicians like Jeff Buckley or Patrick Watson, artists and adulthood in a mark the way you feel and approach to music. In 2009 after participating in different bands, decided to undertake a solo adventure with their first demo sbin "Back to the Beauty". Accommodating your flute transverse and changing it to a guitar, started composing his own songs, to tell their own stories, to play in venues Barcelona, the city where he currently resides, to continue visiting these magical places of memory with just close your eyes.


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