Feb 2010

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Ryat be a producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist, who moved his studio compositions and improvisations to a loop-based live collaboration with musician and composer Tim Conley. He has performed and collaborated with people like King Britt, Mark Guilliana, DJ Logic, Jniero Jarel, Taylor McFerrin, The Disco Biscuits, Calvin Weston, Billy Martin and many more. Has opening for great bands like The Wailers, The Flaming Lips, Ursula Rucker, or MEW. Ryat collaborates with multi-media/performance artists, filmmakers, as well as experimental electronic festivals in other facetas.http: / / / ryat

Larry Gus is a member of Ginger, writes songs and jingles for television commercials at home, using samples and tools Acoustic cough, with mixed results, in any case. It shows great capabilities, especially as a person but also as a non-musician.

Summer Recreation Camp is Cristian Subirá (also member of Coconot, Gargamel and Narwhal), an active member of the underground scene in Barcelona. Intense musician, dj, periodontal far music, DIY promoter and sound engineer, Cristian began his musical adventure as a member of Dead Man on Campus. After 2 years of learning to make noise with the instruments, it becomes part of the prestigious COCONOT (with Paul "El Guincho " Diaz and Jens Neumaier of 12twelve). After a year and a half of intense touring all over Spain and P ortugal and two consecutive performances at Primavera Sound recorded their second LP. Summer Recreation Camp is the name that Christian made his music for the past 3 years ... MB one pile on his laptop, but only 2 Cdrs and a ribbon on his own label, Discos Compulsive / LUV LUV. Layers mutant multicolored spaces, ambient is voales trancy Dronero, snakes and anti-explosive ritmos.http: / / / summerrecreationcamp

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